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Only one in twenty works performed by orchestras today is music by a living composer. Our concert halls are museums of symphonic music from the past. Old works by dead composers in traditional settings. Audiences in those museums often cannot relate to music by contemporary composers anymore. Instead, they are stuck in a vicious circle of ignorance, alienation, and aversion towards symphonic music of our time.



This is why I created #NoDeadComposers, a concert project to transform our concert halls from graveyards packed with dead composers to places full of symphonic music by living composers. There is contemporary music for every taste. All we have to do is present it in well curated, thought through concert programs that resonate with our audiences.

The #NOdeadcomposers Curating process

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In close collaboration with my partner orchestras, I develop concert programs that aim to entertain, surprise and touch our listeners.

In years of curious exploration, I have built a huge database of contemporary orchestral works of all styles, genres, and complexities.

From this wide range of works, I curate intriguing combinations of contemporary symphonic music.


We only hear what we know.

Together with a team of musicologists, authors, and sound engineers, I create short, sensual audio-introductions to replace old fashioned program booklets.

Sounds, thoughts, and music related to the works will be played in the darkened hall before each piece and take the audience on a journey to the ideas that inspired the music they are about to hear.

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Well prepared for a new musical experience our listeners can sit back and immerse themselves in the colorful world of contemporary symphonic music.

Together with the partner orchestras I prepare the exclusively curated program with devotion and meticulousness and bring it to life for our audiences…

…guiding them through an enchanting labyrinth of beauty.


A little inspiration


John ADadms: “naive and sentimental music” (1999)

christopher rouse: “The Infernal Machine” (1981)

Magnus Lindberg: “parada” (2001)

Bernd richard deutsch: “Tripelkonzert” (2014)



I discover new music every day. Let me be your guide to explore and enjoy its beauty!

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